Iowa Reunion Club
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IRC Mid Week Events
Throughout the year, the Iowa Reunion Club will hold six "IRC Mid Week Events" planned on a weekday,
such as the IRC Summer Night Out, the IRC St. Pat's Day and other evenings out. These Iowa Reunion Club Mid Week Events are held on a weekday evening to allow the club members to get together for dinner and a fun night out with the other club members. The IRC Mid Week Events are specifically  designed to allow the club members to get together between the six annual Iowa Reunion Club events scheduled each and every year and as described to the left. This also gives those club members that cannot attend an annual Iowa Reunion Club event the chance to get together with their fellow IRC members without waiting as long for the next annual event to take place.
The IRC Mid Week events are held at lake area restaurants, and always at a lake front restaurant when "in season" to allow members to also arrive by boat. These IRC Mid Week Events are popular with club members and we can get a good crowd at these events. As with the IRC Annual Events, we do ask the club members to send the club a courtesy e-mail so we can give the host facility an
approximate head count of how many members will be attending.

At the time this page was last updated, the current IRC Mid Week Events included the "IRC Winter Thaw" in mid January (and actually held on a Saturday starting in 2019), the "IRC St. Pat's Day at Shrimp Daddy's" on or near March 17th each year, the June Mid Week event gets a "new theme " each year when it is held in late June, the "IRC's Mid Summer Night" event in mid July, the "IRC Hot August Night" event in mid August, and the "A Night at The Cantina" in early November.

                                                                 Revised 11-13-18