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Iowa Reunion Club

Iowa Reunion Club Events
The Iowa Reunion Club each year sponsors and hosts six annual events and six IRC Mid Week Events for the current IRC members. The present events sponsored by the IRC include the IRC Lake PizzaFest, held in early March and is our kick-off event of each year. That event is followed by the club's flagship event of the year, the Annual Iowa Reunion Dinner, which is held in mid April. Next up is the IRC Regatta & RegattaQue, held in early June each year and featuring a boat trip to Ha Ha Tonka that includes a potluck picnic for the members at the lake's edge and "yard games" for the IRC members to participate in. Up next is the IRC LakeFest, a fun event each September at a lakeside restaurant and held out on their decks over looking the lake. The club's popular event to celebrate the Fall season on the lake is called Iowactoberfeast and is held of course in October. The final event of each year is our IRC Christmas Dinner - Christmas On The Lake, held annually in December to celebrate Christmas on the Lake. The Iowa Reunion Club sponsors and hosts six "IRC Mid Week Events" throughout the year at different lake locations.

Iowa Reunion Club OnLine
he Iowa Reunion Club was one of the earliest organizations to have an internet presence and has operated and maintained this Iowa Reunion Club web site on the internet since 1996. The Iowa Reunion Club operates IRC OnLine, which includes maintaining this web site with pages such as Iowa Reunion Club Membership information that features IRC OnLine Membership Forms; Current and Coming Events information; the IRC Event Photo Album which features photos from the most current IRC event; the IRC Archive Photo Album which includes a slide show; the IRC Photo Slide Shows that feature the entire IRC photo collection; descriptions of the IRC Annual and Special events; IRC Media Archives that include newspaper articles, IRC posters, IRC newspaper ads, the Iowa Corn Song sheet music and IRC Newspaper editions among many other media items; and the only known MIDI music version of the Iowa Corn Song, including the history and lyrics of this popular state song. The Iowa Reunion Club publishes the IRC Newspaper for the members, and operates an IRC E-Mail Service aptly named IRC OnLine Update that sends out club information each week to keep the IRC club members up to date on all of the Iowa Reunion Club events, activities and news. Additionally, the Lake area newspapers, radio stations and media outlets feature news articles and stories about the club and Iowa Reunion Club events and activities. The Iowa Reunion Club also has a fan page on Facebook and all of the IRC event information is found on the Lake of the Ozarks smartphone app for Android and iPhone.

Iowa Reunion Club Membership
The Iowa Reunion Club is for former Iowans that now live at the Lake of the Ozarks, whether they were born and raised in Iowa or just resided there for any period of time. Part time former or current Iowa residents at the lake are welcome and encouraged to join the IRC. An Iowa Reunion Club membership is $10.00 per year for a household and is valid for the current calendar year as indicated on the Iowa Reunion Club membership form. An Iowa Reunion Club membership for a household consists of either a couple/family or an individual. An Iowa Reunion Club membership entitles you to participate in any or all of the IRC sponsored events and activities, receive the Iowa Reunion Club Decal, the Iowa Reunion Club Newspaper published during the current calendar year of your IRC membership and IRC OnLine Updates. The Iowa Reunion Club memberships are renewed on January 1st of each year and are valid for that calendar year as noted on the current Iowa Reunion Club Membership Form.

You must be a current IRC Member to attend any of the Iowa Reunion Club events. Visiting family and house guests are always welcome to attend the Iowa Reunion Club events with current IRC Members. Guests that meet the criteria to join the Iowa Reunion Club will be required to join the IRC to attend any additional Iowa Reunion Club events.

Iowa Reunion Club History

The Iowa Reunion Club, or the IRC as it is known to both the members and to lake area residents, is a club for former Iowans, whether they were born and raised in Iowa or just resided there for a
period of time, that now live on or at the Lake Of The Ozarks. Present Iowans that live at the Lake on a part time basis are welcome and encouraged to join and participate in the club activities and events.

The Iowa Reunion Club was conceived of and founded by Bil Cooper in 1995 while eating dinner on the Lake with a group of friends, all former Iowans living full time on the Lake Of The Ozarks. That was the beginning of the Iowa Reunion Club, with informal activities and events taking place during that first year. Bil, formerly from Urbandale, Iowa, realized how popular the Iowa Reunion Club was becoming on the lake and  took the club to the next level with the first formal event sponsored by the IRC, which was the 1st Annual Iowa Reunion Dinner, held on Saturday, January 13, 1996. Over 165 former Iowans living at the lake attended this big event. The IRC's first year of a dues paying membership started in 1996, and also saw the IRC as the fastest growing club on the Lake Of The Ozarks. By 1997, the IRC had become known as one of the largest clubs on the Lake Of The Ozarks with over 360 members that year. IRC Memberships are renewed on January 1st of each year.

Iowa Reunion Club - Social Media

owa Reunion Club on Facebook

Iowa Reunion Club has a presence on Facebook as a "Fan Page".  Iowa Reunion  
Club Join the IRC on Facebookmembers that are already on Facebook are encouraged to "like" this fun Facebook page. Additionally, you may want to take the time to make some of the members of the club that also "like" the IRC Facebook Page part of your "friends" network. To "like" the IRC Facebook Page, designed to be a fun supplement to the actual Iowa Reunion Club and the IRC web site, just click on the Facebook logo, a new browser page will open, sign in to your account, and then click on "Like" the IRC on Facebook Page. If you're not presently on Facebook, create an account and join the IRC On Facebook.

Lake of the Ozarks Smartphone App
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Iowa Reunion Club on Twitter
You can follow the Iowa Reunion Club on Twitter. The Iowa Reunion Club will provide timely Follow the IRC on Twittertweets to help keep you up to date on the IRC  events, activities and any last minute changes that may occur prior to an event. You can follow the Iowa Reunion Club on Twitter in two ways. If you have a Twitter account, Follow us as one of your favorite tweeters. You can also follow the Iowa Reunion Club on Twitter live on our Social Media page by clicking on Facebook & Twitter in the menu. Creating a Twitter account is easy, fun and fast to do.

Iowa Reunion Club Clothing, Logos, & Print Media
The Iowa Reunion Club has not only become one of the largest clubs on the Lake, but one of the most known and visible organizations at the Lake. Many of the Lake area newspapers and media outlets feature news articles and stories about the club and IRC events. The Iowa Reunion Club has produced the IRC Boat Flag, the IRC CookBook, and the IRC Decal. In the Spring of 2010, the Iowa Reunion Club introduced the IRC Clothing line that includes polo shirts, button down shirts, T-Shirts, sweat shirts, coats, baseball caps and visors. All of the IRC Clothing items sport the IRC Logo and can be purchased in an array of colors and sizes.

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