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"IRC's Mid Summer Lake Night"
Papa Chubby's on the Water / Sunrise Beach
Wednesay, July 10, 2019

The Iowa Reunion Club will sponsor and host their August event, "IRC's Mid Summer Night", at Papa Chubby's Lake Front restaurant on Wednesday, July 10, 2019 in Sunrise Beach. This fun summer event is the 7th of twelve events being sponsored by the club this year. You must be a current club member to attend IRC sponsored events. IRC member's visiting family are always welcome and encouraged to attend the IRC events with you.

The Iowa Reunion Club will celebrate their August event, the IRC's Mid Summer Night at Papa Chubby's Lake Front Restaurant. For this event, all members attending will order off the regular menu and be responsible for their own meal and drink costs, as well as their tax and tip. You may come to Papa Chubby's any time between 5:30pm and 7:00pm to eat and join in with your fellow Iowa Reunion Club members. IF YOU KNOW you may be coming to this event, please e-mail the Iowa Reunion Club using the direct e-mail "Event Confirmation" link below.

"Event Confirmation" link. Click to E-Mail the Iowa Reunion Club that you will be coming to this event.

IRC's Mid Summer Night Menu:
IRC Members will order off the regular menu and be responsible for their own meal, tax and tip.
Cash Bar Available

IRC's Mid Summer Night Date & Time:
Wednesday, July 10, 2018
5:30 to 7:00

IRC's Mid Summer Night Location:
Papa Chubby's Lake Front Restaurant
1820 Serene Valley Drive
Lake Road F-8 & Cozy Cove Road
Sunrise Beach, MO
(See driving directions below )

IRC's Mid Summer Night Event Cost:
Members will be responsible for their own food, drink, tax and tip bill.


By Land
You can arrive to Papa Chubby's by taking "F" Road in Sunrise Beach to F-8 and turning left. More specific (very specific actually), take F Road from where F Road and TT intersect (which is about 1/2 mile from the intersection of Hwy 5 and F Road, where the stop light is at this intersection (Woods Grocery is at this intersection). From the intersection of F Road and TT (F Road and TT intersect here, just east of the Dollar General Store about a 1/16 of a mile, and there is an old gas station on this triangle corner)... This intersection is like a triangle and take F Road and go about 1.3 miles to F-8 and turn left. There will be a sign there for Papa Chubby's, and you will go about 1.5 miles on F-8 to get to Papa Chubby's. Stay on this road (F-8), and when you go about a 1/2 mile stay right where the road kind of "Y"'s. You will be on pavement for a while, then on gravel for a little while, then back onto pavement. After 1.5 miles from when you get on F-8, Papa Chubby's will be on your left. You can Google "Papa Chubby's in Sunrise Beach" and look at the map. These directions are exact in getting to Papa Chubby's by car. It's pretty easy. If you are coming from the toll bridge, stay on MM after going through the toll booth until you come to the stop sign on "TT", turn left onto "TT" and go to the next stop sign and turn left onto "F ROAD". It's a hard turn to the left here onto "F Road". Or, when you get to the old gas station mentioned above, take the little frontage road behind that building about a 1/16 of a mile and turn left onto "F Road" there. This is easier.

By Boat - Papa Chubby's is at the 26 mile marker of the main channel on the Sunrise Beach side of the lake (which is on the right side of the lake as you are going up lake, and the left side as going down the lake). Papa Chubby's is across the main channel from Tan-Tar-A Resort. Going up lake you will pass Paradise Restaurant on your right then go a little ways further and turn into Crabtree Cove, which will be a deeper cove than the others around it. Coming downlake, yu will turn left into Crabtree Cove before you get to Tan-Tar-A Resort on your right. Once in Crabtree Cove, go towards the back of the cove and it will be on your right in a smaller cove. IIf in doubt where this is, please Google "Papa Chubby's in Sunrise Beach" and you can see a map of the lake where it is.

Revised On 6-19-2019